We have several fields dedicated to training, and can tailor the layout and sheep to suit what you want to work on.
Whether you'd like to work on double fetches over water and through woodland, or start a young dog in the pen, we can accommodate you.
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Westward Hill is located just up the road from the farm, and is an ideal place to train difficult elements like fording a river, navigating through a wood, and blind look-backs.
Availability is seasonal, from April to December. Dogs working here will be vetted before they are allowed.
Fields 1, 2, 3 and 4 all lie in close proximity to Raise Lodge, with 1-3 being just outside the door, and 4 across the road.
They are all rectangular and provide good visibility to work on outruns and straight lines.
We can open gates between Fields 2 and 3 to work on putting your dog through a gate, look-backs, and extended outruns of up to 600 yards.
For young dogs or novice handlers, the round pen can be an ideal starting place.
Sheep available for training depend on the time of year. For the most part, they are Hebrideans and Shetlands. Both breeds are athletic, robust, and stay free despite continuous training.
On Westward Hill and Field 4, we have North of England Mules and they can be tricky to handle but provide a valuable learning experience.

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