Bluefaced Leicester Lamb

Nothing I could write in this blog would accurately capture the current state of things here on the farm, and to a bigger extent, the United Kingdom.

I have kept my head down, finished up lambing, and now spend my days looking after my stock and training dogs. The outside world being in lockdown has had significant economic impact on me, as all my training engagements abroad have been cancelled.

But I am grateful to be alive and healthy, where so many people could not say the same.

In brighter news, after 2 months of no rain, the ground has dried up (and then some), thus making it possible to walk the fields once more. The lambs are looking well and enjoying the sunshine.

There are a couple of very exciting litters in the making at Killiebrae, including one from my Open bitch Lyn, a grand-daughter of my Laddie.