It has been a strange and challenging year and a half for everyone. Farmers have been fortunate enough to carry on, but the cost of production is rising sharply with Brexit and Covid-19 complications, so the future is uncertain.

I have been running my bitch Braehead Dot in the Nurseries here with the North Westmorland Sheep Dog Society, and she has been going well. She is a clever and fast bitch with plenty of push and incredible stamina.

We have had two training courses here that were very well-received by everyone and I am happy that life has returned to some sort of normality in that regard. I enjoy teaching and helping people with their dogs, and I like when I can see them reap enjoyment from their dogs.

My stud dog, Sweep has some litters on the ground now, and I am thrilled with him as a producer. He has truly put his stamp on them. They are early starters with loads of work in them, and fantastic temperaments.